Your best resource for local advice and relocation assistance in Switzerland, covering all administrative issues and translation!

This is an App & Website for peer to peer advice at a moderate fee, quoted in advance.

About The App

SwissYou is a user-friendly advisory platform designed to offer timely information and advice to both Swiss-based Clients and Clients seeking to relocate to Switzerland. Our advisors’ services are based on their knowledge and their experience.

Advisors are either private people willing to share life experience and knowledge with Clients or experts willing to provide a professional service online. For legal issues please refer to the legal documents below!

Our Features

Advice customized for your needs

Clients are matched with Advisors who provide help with understanding the administrative and procedural issues involved with living in Switzerland. Translation and language help are also offered.

Numerous Admin Tips for Local Living

Services include personalized advice on buying property, launching a new business or charity or administration tips such as how to obtain the right insurance or telecom deal in Switzerland.

On the Go Translation and Interpretation Services

We offer help and advice with translations of official documents or drafting letters in the local language. For meetings, where a client is not fluent in the language, Advisors can be present in person or online to help with both translation and advice.

United Nations and International Organizations Experience and Admin

Some SwissYou Advisors are working or have worked with many Swiss-based international organizations and are therefore able to offer advice and tips on administrative issues. For example : how to register or attend meetings, how to participate in a UN forum or simply how to contact a UN official. SwissYou can help you!

Fast and User-Friendly Service

Using the App, Clients can quickly search for an Advisor for their specific needs. All payments and communications are handled directly through the App. If a Client has any problem finding an appropriate Advisor, they can email and SwissYou will help them.  

How We Work

If you are one of the many people who move to or leave Switzerland or want to start  a business or buy a property in Switzerland and need advice  – simply register as a Client and ask! 
You can choose either peer to peer or expert advice. Peer to peer advice might be all you need for most issues or  give you a preliminary look onto your need. Expert advice will be more detailed or connect you to a professional such as a lawyer or banker.

The Swiss way of life and functioning of its institutions are often difficult for newcomers and even for locals to understand. Examples include: the search for accommodation to rent or buy, the work permit system, the local insurance Law (LaMal) and pension regulations - the list is long.

SwissYou meets these needs by offering the five following services:

1) To find an Advisor to help quickly without extensive searching. 

2) To rapidly obtain a low-cost quote/preliminary estimate for the service.

3) To be able to pay online easily, in advance on a modular, as needed basis.

4) To choose an internet, telephone or face-to-face service 

5) To benefit from personalised human advice tailored to the client’s specific needs.


Our Motto

Do not make it hard on yourself, get a valuable piece of advice from us!

Our Team

Enthusiastic Advisors from different backgrounds

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Get involved​

Register as Client ...or Advisor if you feel like it and if you match our requirements!  



Any person with a smartphone connected to Internet can become a client. Let the App guide you or consult the registration manual. You need to register and agree to the conditions of use. Welcome to our Community! What you get:

Easy Communication and Advice

Quick advice whenever you need it. Backup support from our main desk through email within 24 hours (working days). Choice of communication : online, telephone or face to face.

Secure payments

Fast service at a clear cost (known in advance) and secure credit card payment.

Advanced Advisors Search

The search for an Advisor is made on the platform by the Client, according to their specific needs and required expertise. If you do not find the right one, please reduce work time to 15 min and try again or email us to


Anyone familiar with local living in Switzerland  and/or who is multilingual and considers themself able to provide advice based on their knowledge and experience.

You need to register and agree to the conditions of use.

Let the App guide you through your registration or  consult the manual here.

Please note that when you need to upload a document (e.g. a certificate of language proficiency) you can make a declaration that this language is your mother tongue or that you have a good command of it. Then photograph or scan this declaration and upload it to the application in order to be able to finalize your registration.

What you get:

Multiple Clients and Diverse Advice Opportunities

Each Advisor specifies their area of expertise and the services they are willing to provide as well as their estimated time to work on the request (to be agreed with the client in advance).

Flexible Work Schedule

Advisors select their schedule preferences and are only contacted when they are available.


A rating system is applied to both Clients and Advisors. It provides information related to the satisfaction of clients with the service and the behavior of both parties. This system is not intended to single-out or monitor Clients or Advisors but may be helpful to both parties in choosing an Advisor or improving the service for example.



All payments are made by credit card directly through the App.
You can choose different packages depending on your needs.

Peer to Peer Advice

Administrative issues,
international organisations, and translation
  • 15 minutes / CHF 25.- 
  • 30 minutes / CHF 40.- 
  • 60 minutes / CHF 75.- 

  • Available packages for up to 4 hours
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Expert Advice

If you would like professional advice, please contact us through the contact form.

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Legal Documents

The protection of your data and the confidentiality of our services is
SwissYou's FIRST priority.

We work with internet providers based in Switzerland and your data is stored in Switzerland. For full details please read carefully the legal documents and FAQ below:

General Terms and Conditions of Use for Clients and Advisors
Privacy Data Protection /Confidentiality Policy
Community Chart

We Work With

Swiss citizens and foreign nationals who may need specific information that they cannot easily obtain. Many of our Clients are living for a temporary period in Switzerland and are working with international organizations, private companies or academic institutions. We also offer services to internationals who wish to remain in Switzerland and may want to start a business, a not-for-profit activity or explore pension opportunities. 

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