You can join our team and become one of our great personal advisors

If you know your way around Swiss admin issues and/or if you have special competences to offer, such as: languages, legal skills, IT skills, planning skills, (check our list of services), you can become a SwissYou Advisor.

You can freely choose your schedule as well as the number of hours a week you will be available for clients’ requests. The way you work will be completely flexible and adaptable week by week.

You can directly jump into business and register yourself as an Advisor

Hit the upper right Button “Enter” and sign in. After you’ve received your confirmation code by email, you will be able to choose if you want to register as an Advisor or a Client. Choose Advisor!

Then let the App lead you through the process to finish your registration.


Steps will go as follows :

    1. Fill in your personal information
    2. Define your competences
      Services : Choose between Advice and Translation
      Choose the client’s needs you can answer among the list of services
    3. Define the languages you speak
      You will be asked to upload a language certificate or honorary statement about your language skills.
    4. Set up your availability on your schedule
    5. Upload the following documents:
      Swiss Permit if you are not a Swiss citizen
      Your resume
    6. Choose your Advisor’s status
      Self-employed : upload a certification of status
      Company : upload RC extract
      Employee : define your work percentage
      Other : choose from list
    7. Fill in your address information
    8. Fill in your bank account information

Send your registration and SwissYou will change your status to published once it is approved.

You are part of the team now!


Advisors’ remuneration represents 70% of the price paid by the client.
The remaining 30% corresponds to the SwissYou platform maintenance fees.

Join our team of Advisors now !

Contact us if you have questions

Join our team of Advisors now !

Contact us if you have questions