Our services are only available on your phone

Follow the easy steps below

You can directly jump into business and go to Define your needs.

Let the App now lead you to the simple process to send a request.

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The SwissYou App will show you the easy steps to be followed

The App will guide you through the process that will connect you with the best Advisor for the service you need.

Steps will go as follow :

    1. Write a short description of your request
    2. Select your options
      Service : choose between Advice and Translation
      Choose your needs among the list of services
    3. Define the languages you speak
    4. Choose the language you want to use with your advisor
    5. Define the schedule for your talk with your advisor
    6. Define your location
    7. Make an estimation of the time needed for the task


    • Swissyou will give you a selection of Advisors to choose from
    • Select one of them and send your request
    • SwissYou will then ask you to sign up as a client and that you enter your payment info.
      You won’t be charged until the Advisor confirms that they accept your request.
    • Before that confirmation, you can send up to three messages to your advisor and upload up to 2 documents to help you define the amount of time requested for the service.
    • Once you both agree on the amount of time needed, the Advisor will formally accept your request and work can start!
      You will be charged only from that moment on.

Enjoy the help! Swissyou is commited to making your life easy!